SOLVED: HappyFiles categories not showing

Bricks Builder 1.3.2
HappyFiles Pro 1.5.1

I have hundreds of photos organized into categories within HappyFiles. When I try to add photos using the Image Gallery element, it does NOT show the images from the Media Library by category, but just lists them. Not Good!


Same here. Any element that tries to select from the media library just shows a single “media Library” set of images ( or other ). We really need to have any Media Library organisation recognised and Happy Files support is the most obvious and most surprisingly not supported.
I have submitted this to the Idea log.

This will be fixed with Happyfiles 1.6.

Please see this post SOLVED: Happy Files compatibility - #9 by alanj

On its way, then.

Care to offer a rough estimate on when that will be? A day, a week, a month, a year.

Fixing it yourself will take you about 2 seconds :wink:

I’m impressed – I couldn’t do it in two seconds. So, tell me how you’d do it so quickly, keeping in mind that 1) I don’t have a child theme (for performance reasons) and 2) I’d like a fix that lasts until version 1.6 without having to worry about the fix being blown away by an interim update.

  1. Install a plugin like WP File Manager
  2. Edit the file
  3. Uninstall the WP File Manager plugin

No idea what a child theme has to do with this.
If you want an official fix then just wait for v1.6.


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I did it the old-fashioned way via FTP. Of course, your fix isn’t guaranteed to last till 1.6 (nor is mine).

Why not? Are you expecting another update even though 1.6 is the one Thomas is working on?
And the fix was from Thomas, I was just passing it on.

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Well, if changing “bricksbuilder” to “bricks” will take you longer than two seconds…
Anyway, the main thing is that it works :slight_smile:

And like @alanj said, there is no reason to be afraid of.

First, my apologies for mentioning a child theme. I was thinking of Bricks Builder as I wrote that.

Nothing to be afraid of? I’m not sure about that. Thomas may be working on 1.6, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be an interim release, for example, a security fix or repairing something broken because of a WP update. But then I suppose an interim release would contain this fix.

Anyway, I’ve applied the fix and it works!