SOLVED: Customs CSS question in 1.4

I have some custom CSS in 1.3.7 and it works fine, while I just updated them to 1.4 and use the convert, they are not updated.

I tried to update them manually, but they are not working. See the video here Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I changed the CSS classes to CSS ID, then it works.

The question is how can I just keep the CSS classes to make it work, rather than using CSS ID.



Did you run the converter after updating to 1.4? It will convert the old classes to new classs. Read here. Converter – Bricks Academy (

Edit: Just saw the video. I think you already did.

I did, but not working

Hi Vincent,
your selectors are not correct anymore due to the changed markup in 1.4.

.card_title and .brxe-heading belong together, as they are both directly on the h4. Before 1.4 .card_title was on the wrapper of the heading and .bricks-heading was on the h4. That’s the reason why your custom code doesn’t work anymore.

This one will work:

.card:hover .card_title.brxe-heading {
  color: white;

By the way: you should add the transition in the origin state, not in the :hover state:

.card, .card_title, .card_image {
  transition: all 0.4s ease;

Best regards,

Ahh, I see. Thank you Timmse :+1: