SOLVED: Custom fields in slider not working, and auto-pause broken

Bricks Version: 1.4RC

I have a custom post type “testimonials”. For these post types, there are 3 custom (text) fields (Name, Company, Location).

The slider is configured to use the Testimonials for the query loop, the post content for the slider title, and the 3 custom fields in the slider content area.

On the front end, the slider contains the Testimonial post content, but the custom fields do not appear.

In addition, the slider is set to autoplay and “pause on hover” in on. When hovering over the slider it does pause, but when the mouse pointer is moved away from the slider, it never un-pauses, so stays static from that point.

Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for your report!

I was able to reproduce the hover issue but ACF custom fields (regular text) work fine in the current dev version. Your custom fields are simple text fields as well, right?

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Yes, they’re simple text fields. Is the version you’re using different than 1.4RC?

Yes, I’m using the current dev version which is a couple of fixes and changes ahead. But I’ve just rechecked with 1.4RC (the public one) and I can confirm that the fields are not showing :v:

Well as odd as it is for your version to be that different from a release candidate (perhaps it’s really just a second beta) I’m happy that it’s fixed. Any chance you could share that dev version you’re using? Maybe release another beta?

Hi Eric,
Of course, the dev version is different from the one we released on 4/28 because we are working to fix reported bugs - regardless of what the version is named.

It doesn’t matter if it’s called beta, beta1, beta2, RC, RC2, or RC3. And the naming says nothing about whether the “final” version will follow.

See, e.g., WordPress itself:
The naming of the releases is not set in stone :wink:

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@ainom Is this bug fixed for you Eric with RC2?

Yes! All good. Can’t wait for general release!

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