SOLVED: Custom Element Style CSS not applying consistently

I’ve created a custom element, but when I use it in a query_loop, the layout settings are not being applied. Whenever I disable query_loop it works again.

The only way to style the element is by adding root { …css goes here… } on the style > css tab.

If I place another element - like a Heading - in the query_loop container I don’t see this issue.

I’ve been staring at it for quite some time now. I looked at Bricksable plugin code if I missed something, but I can’t find what I’m missing here. Anyone had this issue and/or care to share their solution?

I can’t delete this topic, nor can I edit the current content. So I can only add this as a reply:

Issue is resolved, I recreated the element with the same code (but different name) and it worked. It must have been something in the page or maybe element naming. I haven’t had the issue since so it’s resolved.

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Thanks for the update, @desperado. Glad you made it work.