SOLVED: Bricks doesn't use external Media Organizer Plugin

Bricks Version : 1.3.6
Server OS : Windows 2019 Datacenter / IIS 10
Wordpress : 5.8.3
MariaDB : 10.5.8
Browser : Chrome 97
WP Media folder Plugin : 5.3.23

I plan to migrate a website from Elementor to Bricks, and I do some tests before.

I use a plugin named “WP Media Folder” (from Joomunited), for the classification of my medias (hundreds of images for a photography site).
This plugin allows the creation of folders / subfolders for organizing the medias by subjects / themes, and it replaces the standard Wordpress media interface.
In fact, “WP Media Folder” is like “HappyFiles”.

When I edit a page with Elementor or with the standard Wordpress editor, inserting an image opens “WP Media Folder” interface, showing me the images in folders / subfolders - it’s the normal operation.

Then, when I use Bricks for inserting an image in a container, It opens the standard Wordpress media interface, instead of the “WP Media Folder” interface…
So, my hundred of images are not classified, and I’m bored for choosing one…
Remark : on this site, with a page edited with the standard Wordpress Editor, the “WP Media Folder” interface opens.

What am I doing wrong with Bricks ?


  • My tests are made on 2 separate wordpress websites, on the same server.
  • 1 site with Elementor installed alone + “WP Media Folder” plugin
  • 1 site with Bricks installed alone + “WP Media Folder” plugin

Thanks for your return.
Olivier from France

Maybe my english is bad…

So my question could be : is Bricks working with “HappyFiles” ?
If yes, why Bricks is not working with “WP Media Folder” ?

But maybe I’m the only one using “WP Media Folder”… it’s a special plugin, but very usefull !

Best regards,
Olivier from France

I replied to myself :

I just installed another Media Folder plugin : “FileBird”, and it does the same : Bricks opens Wordpress standard Media interface instead of “FileBird”.

So I think that Bricks Builder, for the moment, is not compatible with any media folder plugin…

So sad… :cry:
Olivier from France

Works perfectly with Happy Files. Why not use that?

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I also have an issue with insert media via Bricks, not sure it is because of the Unsplash integration / Iframe/popup so they have modded it in some way from standard.

I use Envato elements for their library of images and if I use another builder it will show me a tab for Envato elements as per the image below:

But If i do the same and open the media file manager to insert an image in Bricks it’s not there. As the image below:

So adding an image process now becomes> Save progress> close builder>Open Plugin (3 or 4 clicks)>go pack to post>open post>go to image. :hot_face:

Hello alanj,

Thanks for your return, I’m reassured to see that Bricks works with Happy Files (as I saw, they resolved a problem of compatibility in July - you were in the discussion line !)

However, I can give an answer about why I use “WP Media Folder”, and why I want to continue using it :

  • I bought it several years ago and have a subscription.
  • I have been using it for several years and it works very well with all my sites under Elementor, or without Elementor (native Wordpress sites).
  • I think it’s good that Bricks could work with this kind of plugin, because it allows to switch from elementor to Bricks, keeping all of our previous plugins.
  • And finally I think it’s good for Bricks, because it helps to debug small compatibility issues with the WordPress plugin ecosystem.

As you can see, these answers are constructive remarks, besause I think, that Bricks will have a bright future, and it could be the best alternative against other constructors.

Best regards,
Olivier from France

np, I also brought WP Media Folder a few years ago … but swapped to HappyFiles for all my sites. I just prefer it.

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Hi injsbx,

Sorry for the late reply, and welcome to the forum!
HappyFiles works perfectly fine with Bricks and even has its own gallery element. Did you know that HappyFiles and Bricks are from the same developer?

Now about your problem with the other media folder plugins: unlike most other PageBuilders, Bricks runs in the frontend, not the backend. This would have to be taken into account by the plugin developers and, unfortunately, cannot be influenced by us.

The best thing to do is contact the plugin developers and ask them to make their plugin Bricks compatible. Or you can switch to Happy Files, with which there are no problems regarding Bricks.

@Michael: The same is probably true for the Envato Elements plugin.

Best regards,


I noticed this same issue happens with the MediaBay Media organizer plugin…

I’d be happy to switch to Happy Files, as I really have no allegiance at this point to a media organizer, I don’t suppose that Bricks/Happy Files has some kind of bundle discount?

Hello timmse,

Thanks for your answer !
In fact I know that HappyFiles ans Bricks are from the same developer. But I don’t have a license for HappyFiles Pro.
And for the moment the lite version of HappyFiles is not working with Bricks (I downloaded and tested it few days ago, version 1.5.1) : it has the same issue than the other Media Organizer plugins…

But thanks for the technical explanation : I sent a ticket to JoomUnited for their plugin “Wp Media Folder”.


After seing that “HappyFiles Lite v1.5.1” was not compatible (not used for Media insertions) with Bricks, I searched on the forum and I found a solution, from alanj, here : SOLVED: Happy Files compatibility - #9 by alanj

It was for “HappyFiles Pro v1.5.1”, but it works too for “HappyFiles Lite 1.5.1” (the only free version available on the site).

After modifying in line 33 in wp-content/plugins/happyfiles/includes/helpers.php :

isset( $_GET[‘bricksbuilder’] ) ||
isset( $_GET[‘bricks’] ) ||

It works ! Thanks alanj !

It would be a good thing if a HappyFiles developer could fixes this bug in the free version, in order to works well with Bricks Builder…

Best regards,

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Hi Olivier,

the free version of HappyFiles is still available, but no longer supported. HappyFiles Pro 1.6 has been rebuilt from the ground up and includes many new features. Have a look at the changelog and the corresponding video.

Best regards,

Thanks timmse for you reply.

So, if I understand correctly, the only version to test HappyFiles (HappyFiles Lite 1.5.1) is no longer maintained, and in addition it is not compatible with Bricks Builder…
It’s curious if you want to give it a try before buying it or not…

But I understand that developers have a lot of work with new versions of Bricks.

Fortunately, thanks to alanj I was able to modify the free versio,n so that it works with Bricks!!! It’s only a code word to change.

Thank you for your explanation.

best regards


well, it is compatible if you change ‘bricksbuilder’ to ‘bricks’ as you already did :smiley:
Even if it’s not explicitly stated on the website I’m sure Thomas has a refund policy for HappyFiles Pro as well (apart from the fact that 59$ are a bargain).

If you have further questions, you can reach him best at

Best regards,