SOLVED: Bought the Ultimate license, didn't receive the license, no one replies, should start 3 new websites

Dear Bricks,

Yesterday I bought the Ultimate license through my wife’s email because mine had some problems.

I didn’t receive the confirmation email, I sent an email to help[at], I sent a message through the form on the site but no one replies.

I’m planning to start three new projects in the next few weeks and I want to use Bricks.

Despite the fact that here in Brazil the license costs 5.5 times more than in the northern countries I trusted your product and I trust your company, I thought to contribute in you by investing my money by buying the most expensive license.

Please, I kindly ask someone from the Bricks VIP guys to help me solve this case, I need to start the work for which the customer paid me.


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Hi @lanzoni.nicola

There’s a mismatch between the email used on the purchase and the real email address therefore our support messages didn’t get to your inbox. Our team is already assisting you.

Thank you

Hi @luistinygod ,
I can confirm that everything is now working as expected.

Thank you very much for your support.

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