SOLVED: Add "Edit template X" shortcut in topbar for single posts and blog archives


When visiting single posts or blog archives on frontend, there’s no “Edit template X” shortcut like for pages, although I created single post and blog archive templates.

Haven’t checked for CPT yet, but shortcuts should appear for them as well.


Much needed feature!

I may be missing something, but I don’t see the “Modifier le contenu: Page” admin bar menu item.

In my 1.4 RC 1 site, “Edit with Bricks” does what it is supposed to do for all the views - static Pages, single Posts and archives.

It appears on pages using content template “Page”.

Ok, I see it. So when we are on a Page that has been edited with WordPress we have admin bar links to edit that Page directly with Bricks and edit the Page Template that applies to it.

And in other views like single posts and archives, a link to edit the corresponding Template (top-level link). What is the purpose of “Modifier le contenu: Page” for these?

Good catch, mate :pray:

I had not understood that the top level link in single/archives was meant for the template editing!

And actually when I activate Bricks for blog post content in settings, behaviour is like pages :wink:

@timmse, this might not be the most intuitive but it’s OK, we have our links!

Ok, I didn’t quite get it the first time I read it anyway :joy: :v:

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