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Slider with squared images

I’ve prepared a series of images perfectly squared and I’d like to insert them in a slider that should show them entirely, but I’ve have this:

The slider is into the right column…


Hi Aldo,

add the following CSS to your Slider Element and change the slider height in Content » Settings to “auto”.

.bricks-element-slider .slider-wrapper {
  aspect-ratio: 1/1;

Best regards,

Hi @timmse and thank you for your help.
I added to you code the root part because in the same page I’ve another not squared slider, anyway, it seems to work perfectly in builder mode:

while in preview mode the slider is a little bigger and goes out of the container:

Any idea?

Maybe you’ve set the containers to stretch and your content container on the left is higher than the perfect square would be because of its content. So the slider grows with it… I’m just guessing - can you provide a live link?

Hi, maybe I found a way to fix it changing some property of the parent container. Honestly I don’t remember what I’ve changhed :thinking:

Thanks again!