Simple Smart Tech Blog - An Elementor Conversion into Bricks

So I had built a little blog in elementor a while ago and decided to rebuild it in Bricks. The transition went smoothly. The site runs soooo much faster in bricks. It truly is amazing the speed difference both the front-end and back-end compared to elementor.

This is a basic blog built fully in bricks and crocoblock jetengine for the reviews cpt. I had to make some feature sacrifices due to Bricks not having a lot of elements needed for jetengine. But all in all, it works really great. Any suggestions, please let me know. Still learning Bricks.

I like the website you built.

From desktop point of view, I like your design style.

I like the fact you don’t use a sticky menu and that you do not use animations on your page.

Some improvement on mobile view eg the posts need to be aligned better.

Thanks for the comments. I agree on the spacing for the posts. I’ve tried to fix that but the posts widget adds a weird space and can’t change that. I think the way around that is to make a custom loop query 8nstead of using the posts widget. Thoughts?

You have a right padding of 30px under mobile view. change that to 0 and it should be ok.

Thanks man. Got rid of the padding. Definitely better :grin::+1: