SEO page title affects the Post Title element and the list title in the Bricks pages menu

Bricks Version: 1.3.4
Browser: Chrome 94
OS: Windows

If the page title is set for SEO purposes in the page settings (e.g. Site Title | Some Info About This Page), then this full title is rendered via the Post Title element, as well as in the Bricks menu page list. The SEO title should only be included in the source code for search engine use, not reproduced on the page for the site visitor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to a page where no SEO page title has been set

  2. Set the SEO page title in Settings >> Page Settings >> SEO >> Title, and save

  3. Check the element where the Post Title is used

  4. Check the Bricks menu list for pages

Good question. The description of the SEO “Title” setting is somewhat confusing. Maybe we should mention that this setting actually equals the “Post title”.

What I’d recommend is to edit the SEO “Title” to your liking and instead of using the “Post title” element you could use the “Heading” element, and add a custom “Title” that can be anything else. Would that work for you?

That sounds like a great solution. I like the ability to set the meta site data on a site without needing to an an SEO plugin. Thanks!

The only thing I would add is that when browsing the pages/posts through the Bricks top menu item, the full page/post title as set by the SEO title makes this list of pages/posts look cluttered. If the permalink title only is used, this list of pages/posts will be much easier to view and navigate from the Bricks interface:

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