SEO friendly infinite scroll loading solution

We all know that on the list page, turning the page is a more SEO friendly way, because it allows the crawler to crawl more content and links;
When scroll loading requires mouse scrolling to trigger, the crawler cannot successfully grab the extended content, which is not so friendly to SEO.
But scroll loading is a more friendly way for mobile users. Is there a solution that can take into account both user experience and SEO?

The answer is “drop-down loading with page flipping” (or flipping pages that can be scrolled loaded)!
To put it bluntly, this method is not only page turning, but also scroll loading.

For details, take a look at this demo:

You can see that there are page numbers at the bottom of the page, and scrolling can be achieved by pulling down.
There is also a detail, when scrolling to the back page number, the URL of the web page is also changing, which is convenient for users to share.
This I think is currently the most friendly way to solve scroll loading and page turning.

What’s even more surprising is that this solution was written in the document by Google in 2014 :eyes:.
By the way, Google has long deprecated support for rel=prev/next (see docs below), in sitemaps (see docs below), and meta keywords elements (see docs below).

Very interesting :slight_smile:
Didn’t know this technic at all…