Selection outside the containers/select blank area to add new containers at the bottom

It is very difficult to add new container (section) after completing with one section. We need to add container inside the existing container and drag it outside.

So if we are able to click empty area in the structure panel and that can able to add container would be great!.

Thank you

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You can click empty area on canvas and add container… :slight_smile:

Yes, this is really frustrating to me too. Or click on the blank space on the structure panel would be great!

@tole011 I think the issue is more prominent when you have created a page and want to insert a container above a section, you are not able to do it. And sometimes there is no canvas showing either to click to come out of a container.

You should add this as a feature request @VijayKumarIM

Yes, adding container above or below would be nice, but you can duplicate one and then go from there, right?

It won’t work. Try again.

This is for this.

“You can click empty area on canvas and add container… :slight_smile:

The issue is that there will be no space to click when a few sections are on the canvas(or 1 section with 100vh height). It is difficult to add a new section right below the section. That is frustrating for me too.

I have made a screencast.

For now, I have to duplicate the section and remove everything in it. It isn’t enjoyable. Because no matter how it only allows me to add a container instead of a section.

Please get this fixed quickly.

Suggested solution:
The highlight should not stay at that element when we click outside any element in the structure panel.
*You can see the video element is now highlighted(or selected).

I have wanted to point out this issue for a long time ago. But I forgot. I hope @timmse will see this because this feedback was submitted in July 2021.

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You can drag an element from the element panel over to the structure panel and drop it where you want, so at the very bottom of the structure, within a container etc.

You can also simply click on any element on the left of the dashboard and it gets added to the bottom of the structure. Then just drag it where needed. You can also do this when choosing the Container Layout, which is what I think you mean when you say “section”.

Personally I don’t think it could be any easier.

Please take a closer look at it. When there is no empty space to click on the canvas, we can only add containers. The container is only a container(single wrapper).

Bricks has new feature that is for us to add a section(2 wrappers for main and child) instead of a container.

The section comes with a parent and a child div. Also, it has preset setting for the parent container which makes workflow easier.

Current workflow is, I’ll need to add a new container and drag it out and add another container as inner container or duplicate the entire section and delete everything in it. It is unpleasant.

When Bricks has such element(section), then we should be able to use that conveniently.

And I love the section element by Bricks Builder. Because the inner container is draggable to any element we want.

As I know Zion and Oxygen builders(and some other builders), when we choose use a section, the inner container is not able to drag away.

This is so convenient and flexible. I just love it.
So, please improve it.

Everytime you will need to add new containers and drag it out then add a inner wrapper for the section. I know that we can always drag and drop but it’s not suppose to work that way.

Try to add a section(not container) from a blank canvas, then you should know how convenient it would be for you.

Everytime you add a new section and the section will be added right below the section without dragging out and adding inner wrapper manually. It’s how much more easier for you. :wink:

Well I must be wrong then.
But I set a container to 100vh so the canvas is covered. I can then add any element from the left hand Elements navbar just by clicking on it. I can then move it in the structure panel to where I want. Of course you won’t be able to see it if you’ve set another element to 100vh, so all a bit pointless.

I still don’t know what you are referring to when you say “section” element. I don’t see anything of that name in bricks.


You try open a new blank page, add your first section by clicking the icon next to “+” on the canvas, then you should see a few different layout is appearing there. The first layout is “Section(full width)”.

I’m not in front of my computer now. I’ll provide some screenshot or making a screencast for you to have better understanding in case you don’t see it. :wink:

So as I described. What you call a section is labelled “layouts”.
I added a 100vh container.
I can now add other elements or containers or layouts just by clicking on them in the left hand dashboard/navigator.
I don’t see any difference between a container and the first layout item. They seem to have the same values as far as I can see.

So I can really see no issue here. For me anyway, it all works as I expect and very well. But then I never use the icons on the canvas.

Can you make a screencast? Let me see if you are doing the way you described.

As I understand you correctly, you also see the different layouts when adding a container. You also see the 100% container.

Let me show you a screencast.
When the canvas is full of sections, what you can add is only a container(Not a section). Let me show you what the differences between 100% container are and full-width section

Look at it closely, and it is a section. In the video, you will see that when I add this, it comes with two wrappers, 1 for parent and 1 for child div and have preset setting as a section.

When the canvas is no space to click, what you can only add is container. When you add a container, there is only one wrapper.

Both are different.

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I can reproduce the problem described by jornes, it does seem to be a bug.

As a slight aside and as someone who is currently trying Bricks, I don’t find having to click on the little icon in the corner of the container element tile intuitive. No other tiles have an additional mode of operation either.
I’d rather see the layout icon removed from the container element tile and then either a) a new layout element added which could be dropped onto the canvas or structure panel or b) when the container element is dropped onto the canvas/structure panel, Bricks prompts as to what layout is wanted which would include a single container as well as section layouts.