Selection outside the containers/select blank area to add new containers at the bottom

It is very difficult to add new container (section) after completing with one section. We need to add container inside the existing container and drag it outside.

So if we are able to click empty area in the structure panel and that can able to add container would be great!.

Thank you

You can click empty area on canvas and add container… :slight_smile:

Yes, this is really frustrating to me too. Or click on the blank space on the structure panel would be great!

@tole011 I think the issue is more prominent when you have created a page and want to insert a container above a section, you are not able to do it. And sometimes there is no canvas showing either to click to come out of a container.

You should add this as a feature request @VijayKumarIM

Yes, adding container above or below would be nice, but you can duplicate one and then go from there, right?

It won’t work. Try again.

This is for this.

“You can click empty area on canvas and add container… :slight_smile: