[Section Templates] Making changes on the page affects all pages?

Bricks Version: 1.3.3
Browser: Chrome 92
OS: Windows 10

Hello all,

I’m not sure if this is a bug or its normal behavior, so please let me know, and I can remove it. I will list it by my understanding compared to what happens.

My understanding

  1. I built a section template
  2. If I edit the template directly in bricks>templates, it will apply the changes everywhere the template has been used
  3. If I edit a template that has been added to a page, it only affects that section, not the saved global template

What’s happening

  1. I build a section template
  2. If I edit the template directly in bricks>templates, it will apply the changes to every template that has been used throughout the site
  3. If I edit the template when I have added it to a page it makes the changes to all the templates on the site

Just thinking back to using Elementor, it usually says something about do you want to unlink this from global, but we do not have that option, so not sure what the correct behavior is?

There are two ways to insert a template: inserting it directly on canvas or with a Template element.
If inserted directly then editing won’t reflect other stages of that template.
If inserted by Template element then it can be edited only on Bricks > Templates and it will affect every instance where Template element is used with that template.
Hope this makes sense to you.
If I’m not explaining well, hope that someone will correct me.

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Oh man, thanks for the hint! So far, I’ve always completely ignored the template element… :neutral_face:

Is that documented somewhere, or did you find out by trying?

Btw., the bricks academy says: " IMPORTANT: Section templates do NOT sync/are updated between pages." :thinking:

I think that Thomas explained that on FB group, but I’m not sure.

I found it on Facebook.

Note to myself: check the academy, the forum, release notes and Facebook in the future to get some kind of complete documentation :sweat_smile:

Yes so it is strange that when i have added a section template to a page and make changes to the section on the page it is affecting it anywhere that i have used it.

So i think its a bug?? haha

This is the familiar problem again: you don’t really know:smiley:

Have you set any conditions for that template?