Searching an element doesn't bring up all results, missing some results

Bricks Version: 1.3.2
Browser: Safari 15.0
OS: macOS 12.0

I noticed that the Search function inside of an element doesn’t necessarily find everything that it should.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Open Bricks Builder and drag the Heading element to the page
  2. In the Heading element, use the Search function for “align”
  3. Notice that it brings up a couple of results but is missing the “Text Align” one for the element

PS - I tried to upload two screenshots but it forbids me from uploading more than one image as a “new user” in the forum. :frowning:

Bricks Version : 1.3.2
Browser : Brave 1.27.108
OS : macOS 11.4

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Thank you @d19dotca for reporting it.
It won’t be easy to make the typography settings available on search by the name of the sub-setting. In this case, search for “typ”. All the typography settings will show up.

This is still a bug though, correct?

I’d expect as a user to find things like “Text Align” no different than how I can find “Align (layout)” using the search functionality. It seems that nearly all (if not all) of the typography sub-settings aren’t searchable but all the other sub-settings are for other categories. Is that really intentional? I can’t imagine it would be intentional.

Hello @d19dotca

This is something we’ll need to improve: include the typography sub-settings in the settings search. But as said before, it won’t be easy to fix.

Hi @luistinygod,

It’s been 10 months and the issue still remains even in 1.4 RC2. Hoping this could be fixed soon for maybe the next release after 1.4?

IMO it’s a defect (expectations of a user would be to find any and all relevant results when typing the keyword used for it in the search bar dedicated to finding all related settings), even though it may technically be more of an ‘improvement’ instead of a ‘bug’ from a developer perspective.

Hey @d19dotca

Thank you for your reply. We are aware of this issue and we’ll add a solution to this in one of the coming Bricks releases 1.4.x, probably alongside the Nested Elements feature.