Root Container margin applies on <main> and skips <header>?

Bricks Version: 1.4
Browser: Firefox
OS: Windows 10

Just a little thing I noticed. Inside Theme Styles, say you give the Root Container a margin of 30px to all 4 sides and you save and inspect the page in browser, that 30px gets applied to the <main> element whereas the <header> is ignored. Same with padding on Root Container.

Funny thing

Is it supposed to be that way that the header doesn’t count as a Root Container?


Very weird…

Root margin and padding are only applied to root containers, NOT templates tags like header or main.

Or are you talking about root containers with custom tags?
In this case, yes, it should be applied.

Hey Khan,
Thanks for reaching out!

Neither the header nor the footer are root containers. If you insert a container in the header or footer, it acts as the root container (that holds all the other stuff as the logo, menu etc.).

For pages or posts that do not have their own template assigned, such as the default WooCommerce pages, the root container padding is applied to the appropriate wrapper (in the case of WooCommerce, for example, to .woocommerce), as these pages would otherwise have no padding.

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