Remove inline asset: bricks-scripts-js-extra, global-styles-inline-css

Hi Bricks Builder,

I really like Bricks Page Builder.
I compared your software, with 9 parties with similar features.
Only you, balancing all 3 factors simultaneously: ease of use, speed and cleanliness.
(The other parties, often too biased, about one-third of this factor, leaving out the other two.)
Looking on the internet, I see a lot of positive feedback about you.
I feel happy.
And I hope, you do even better. So that you can gradually become exclusive.
And we, the users, get to use an excellent product.

Regarding the amount of resources
CSS, JS at each of your page loads, I have no complaints. It’s excellent. Very few files are downloaded.

There’s only one problem left: Inline HMTL.
HTML, is the foundation of stability. A clean, solid HMTL file. Then there are the attached CSS/JS files.
In each HTML of a page, I see Bricks Builder automatically inline 2 lines: bricks-scripts-js-extra, and global-styles-inline-css

I don’t want it Inline. Can you help me.

  • How can I delete these two lines? As such, your HTML is beautiful
  • If you can’t remove them.
    I want you to stop inlining them. You can separate into 1 css file, js also.
    For me, clean HTML is the most important thing.
    Then there is the amount of CSS and JS to load with.
    Hope you like this idea

Thank you very much.
I really look forward to hearing from you.
To Thai
P/s: I have read on the forum, there are similar topics, but there is no solution. So I create a new topic.
Expectations about the ultimate sustainable improvement (in my opinion), about Bricks builder


Anybody help me. I need it very much, for complete project

Hi! I confirm that there is a problem with the built-in styles.

In one project, I made the main page screen and used mostly my styles classes.

I ended up with about 5000 lines of styles in the html code.

And the weird thing is that each parameter is written on a separate line along with a selector. I don’t think this has ever happened before.

It would be great if these built-in styles could be put in separate css files

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This is still present; a ticket has been open for three months without any feedback. So not sure you will get any help to be honest having on the developer subforum, but who knows you might get lucky :slight_smile:

This was the original ticket @Lkey opened.