Query loop on taxonomies only showing 4 items

I am attempting to create a query loop of the top level taxonomies of a custom post types.

I have the structure Section, container, block (card), then contents.

I only created one card with the expectation that I would loop it with all available terms, but I cant get it to display more than 4 terms. I have over 100.

I set the container to be grid, and added repeat(auto-fit,minmax(250px,1fr)) to the grid template column field, which produces the desired result if i simply duplicate a colored block a bunch of times, but does not produce the same result with the query builder.

I tried putting the loop on both the container and block elements with no success. I either get the same 4 terms repeated several times, or they all repeat within the first column.

I would also like to limit this to top level terms only. (Those without a parent ID)
Based on docs
Parent : Parent term ID to retrieve direct-child terms of. Set this to 0 to fetch only the terms that have children. Ex.: Given this structure, entering 55 would get only the Tshirts.

But this doesnt appear to allow for selecting top level categories. And the childless option won’t work either.

I need “select terms where parent_id=null”

I’d think this would be a somewhat common need over “fetch only the terms that have children”

What am I missing?

It seems to me that this is a mistake. Everything is bad with terms.

Hey Jon,

if you can provide us with some temporary credentials to your site we’re happy to help you investigating your issue. Please send those credentials to help@bricksbuilder.io form the email address you used to purchase Bricks and include a link to this forum thread.



If the taxonomy is not added to the record, it will not be displayed.

Parent = 0 (when I use it) equates to ‘has no parent’ - which means a top level term.
I use query terms extensively and this works well.

yeah, i did manage to get that to work. The documentation seems to describe something different though, so I was confused. I was able to get this all to work though