Problem with acf fontawesome value in a repeat

this plugin

I have created a page_option with a repeat of icons but when I perform a loop, and I want to rescue the value of the icon it simply ignores it, how do I rescue the value of the icon, help me with an example I would be very grateful

Does this help?

It’s because the FA plugin instantiates its fields ‘the old way’ - so Bricks can’t find it. I fixed it with some PHP.
$term_id = \Bricks\Query::get_loop_object_id();
Gives you the post (or term etc.) ID - you can use with get_field(); to get the icon. My code block looked like this:

<?php $term_id = \Bricks\Query::get_loop_object_id(); $iconFetch = "term_" . $term_id; $term_icon = get_field( 'mmenu_icon', $iconFetch ); echo '

'; ?>

But you could create a function in a code block or functions.php - and call it from there with {echo:function_name()} in the Bricks query field.

Hey @digismith - Hope your week is going well! This is awesome and literally solves one of the biggest (might seem minor to most) issues we’ve had for clients who want custom icons to use for post loops!

Thanks for this!