Post query loop FILTER widget

Actually the filter widget is pretty limited and it’s only possible to show long list of all picked taxonomies (it doesn’t look nice). Will be nice to have an option to pick a [select toggle].

Will be great to hide part of taxonomies which are empty.


integration which WpGridBuilder would be huge.

Use this till the official integration comes. Using WPGridBuilder Facets with Bricks’ Query Loop – BricksLabs

I have tried it with the beta & RC, and sadly without any luck.

It will not work on archive pages (WooCommerce):
Page[click second]: Coming soon - FOTOHOF

Access to the Page[click first]: Coming soon - FOTOHOF

I have a project where I need to use filters. I will take a look in the next week and see if I can get it working. I personally prefer FacetWP more as it does not use jquery unlike WPGridBuilder and the libraries are much smaller too.

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