Post navigation alignment

I really want to love bricks, but bits of it baffle me. Like why MAX WIDTH is actually width, and WIDTH is max… meh… anyway - I want a simple thing but cannot make it work.
Single post template - content - navigation. The navigation underneath and lined up. That’s it.
But when I try (prev) left and (next) right, it aligns (prev) and (next) text left - and looks shonky.
So I try Max-Width 48% as on another post here. Then it adds 30px maergin to (next) pushing it lower and it looks shonky.
I don’t want the margin, but there’s nowhere to change it. And yes, I can use a CSS override… but one of the reasons I moved to Bricks was I’m tired of having to over-ride WP CSS, and Theme CSS and Plugin CSS - or having to de-queue it all…
I see posts here where people have (next) (prev) vertically aligned, so what am I missing?
I meant to say - this is the cause of both the wrong text alignment and the margin…

@media (max-width: 478px)
.brxe-post-navigation {
    margin-top: 30px;
    text-align: inherit;

I’m not really sure why it’s there… it seems unnecessary…