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Possible to have icon only button?

Hi, I am new to bricks. Bought in the early of 2021, now started to have a blog using bricks theme.
May I know is it possible to have a button with icon only? Once I removed the text, the default I am button still appears. Or maybe I missed out something?

Just a though: have you tried putting   as the text? It sometimes works for me in the wysiwyg text editor.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I did that, But the button will show a space and follow by the Icon.
Even if I change the icon to position on Left, the space will be showing behind the Icon.


I see. Perhaps then using a bit of css to hide the button text using display: none; might help?

OR, make a clickable icon element instead.

Yup, can do like that, just target the span and display none on it. But still need to css the element padding to make it better looking. Anyway, I will try other way like create a container with anchor instead of div, then insert the icon element into it… Just post this question and see any chance that there is a built-in way to achieve it.

Thanks for your help.

Yeah, I don’t know of any easier way. Sorry I wasn’t of much use. Hopefully you’ll find something that works well for you :slight_smile:

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