NO BUG: Same Template Different Layouts

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows


Setup: A three-column flexbox layout with no-wrap.

Issue: Elements in the third right-most column of the three-column layout inadvertently shifted into/inside the bottom of the middle column.

Cause: This was caused by a closing “div” added in the wrong place of a for-loop in Metabox Views (MB Views) that was embedded as a shortcode inside a Bricks template.

The opening “div” was added outside of the for-loop, but the closing “div” was inserted into the end of the first if-statement of the for-loop.

Likely this created multiple closing div tags, but only 1 opening div tag.

THANK YOU: to Jenn L. for suggesting this may have been the cause!

Fix: To fix the element from jumping inside the middle column, and shifting to the bottom, look at any code that you may have added recently, and see if there is a mis-placed opening or closing “div” tag.

For me, the layout was fixed after this small tweak.

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I’ll quote the cause/solution of the problem again so that it’s easier to recognize :slight_smile: