NO BUG: Query Loop amount of posts not responsive?

Browser: Chrome 111
OS: macOS
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Hi Bricks team,

I experience a bug? with the amount of posts in the query post. Isn’t this a responsive value so I can distinguish how many posts are shown on different breakpoints?

Thank you for the answer!

Bricks regards,

Hey @heiko.dietze,

the query that fetches the posts is independent of the breakpoint. This is not a Bricks limitation. What you can do is use some custom CSS to hide posts on lower breakpoints.

In your case you are using 4 for the number of posts to fetch. If you only want to show 3 posts on lower breakpoints you can add the following custom CSS to your “Referenzen Card”:

@media (max-width: 991px) {
  root:nth-child(n + 4) {
    display: none;

This would hide the 4th, 5th, … nth element on devices smaller than 992px. Adjust the values to your needs.


Wow, thanks a ton for showing and explaining this, @aslotta ! :pray:
Very much appreciated! :+1: I’ll do it the way you suggest it.