NO BUG: Query Loop + ajax search

Browser: Chrome 122
OS: Windows
URL: fvvv – Try Bricks – t7b3ff1b


I display the search results using the query loop as shown in the image below.


But the problem is that if you search on the front end, both posts and products are displayed in the search results. But after selecting the post in the Post type option, the problem is solved and only the posts are displayed in the search results in the front end.


Does the default post differ from when we select it?
Isn’t this the same as “Search Criteria” in the roadmap?

Hi Hosein,
You must select the corresponding post type if you want to limit your search results to certain post types, such as products or other custom post types. Otherwise, all post types will be searched.

The idea in the roadmap refers to the “old” search element, which may also be improved in the future. However, I can’t say exactly when and how, as we haven’t worked on it yet.

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