NO BUG: Nestable slider arrow - works after second click

Hello, I have encountered a strange behaviour within Nestable sliders today. I enabled the arrows and these settings in the slider:

  "height": "auto",
  "pagination": false,
  "type": "slide",
  "fixedWidth": "240px",
  "focus": "1",
  "gap": "var(--space-xxl)",
  "breakpoints": {
    "992": {
      "gap": "var(--space-xl)"
    "768": {
      "gap": "var(--space-l)",
      "fixedWidth": "220px"
    "480": {
      "gap": "var(--space-m)",
      "fixedWidth": "200px"
    "360": {
      "gap": "var(--space-m)",
      "fixedWidth": "180px"

After the page loads and I click on enabled arrow → it does nothing on first click. After second click, slider move to the next slide.

What is wrong? Any ideas please? It’s almost new installation of Bricks and WordPress (day ago). With noo customizations.

It also strangely jumps when scrolling page on mobile sometimes. Whole website jumps to the top…

here is the link: DEXIS (

This is the slider:

EDIT: I have found, that it is propably caused by the “focus”:“1”;.

Sloved by add this into config:

Options - Splide (

"trimSpace": "move",