NO BUG: Interactions dont work in Firefox

In Firefox my Interactions dont work

If you scroll a little, at right of the ship picture, bellow the green text “OUR BRANCHES COVER THE WORLD” there is a plus icon in a circle, when mouse enter icon should be dissapear and it should be appear “Ver más” with an arrow icon. If you check it on Chrome work perfect, but in Firefox it doesnt work

I do the interactions using Action “remove” and “set” attribute

Video with the issue (first in Chrome working, then in Firefox)

Hi @alfredo49 ,

Thanks for the login details via email.
As per my explanation in the email, that interaction will causes the JavaScript confusion as the mouseenter and mouseleave events on the same element which will be hidden and show at the same time.

Provided the :hover CSS solution on your website as it is much better and without the need of Interactions (JavaScript)

Thanks for your email reply as well. I marked this thread as NO BUG now.


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