NO BUG: Header goes mega huge on page load until page is refreshed, please help!

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: Windows
URL: (talent – My WordPress Website)
Video: (Jam)

For some reason my header every time a page loads, the header goes huge until page is refreshed, I’ve tried everything and can’t seem to find anyone else having this issue. It may not be a bug and just me being stupid but I cannot figure it out for the life of me. Hugely appreciate any help!

@macifin these consent div-s are causing your issue, their visibility is set to hidden, that’s why you don’t see them.


Hi Morgan,
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Yep, I agree with Tamas. There’s definitely something wrong with your cookie consent setup :thinking:

Hey guys! Can’t thank you enough for your help! I knew I was missing something! I’m since disabled the plugin I was using and that’s worked, so I shall either find a different cookie compliance plugin or fix this one somehow haha. Thank you again!!


Hey guys,

I was wondering if you could help, apologies for another question, so the Tech guys at CookieYes got back to me saying the following:

Hello Morgan,

Apologies to keep you waiting!

Please be informed that your front end behaves like a single-page application, meaning the page does not reload when navigating to a different page. Consequently, our scripts are not getting rendered, which is causing the issue.

I hope the above information proves useful to you. Feel free to reach out if you require additional assistance. We are here to help!
Best Regards,


I would gather that because I’m using the page transitions it’s not reloading the page and rendering the scrips, so I was wondering if there’s perhaps a way around this? No worries if not, but appreciate any advice from you geniuses:)

Are you using Bricksforge Pjax?

:slight_smile: ey Chris! Sorry for the delayed reply, I was using pjax yes for the page transitions, I have switched it off now. If you have a solution to being able to use it though without affecting the cookieyes plugin I would be very grateful!:slight_smile: