NO BUG / DUPLICATE: Garbage in the css code

When I change an element previously configured to flexbox to block then all the flex properties set remain:

I raised this recently and was told that it is up to us to remove the old settings before we switch display mode. Personally I think that is a bit lame, Bricks knows what the display is set to and therefore to ignore certain other settings.

Hi Jacek,
Thanks so much for your report!

As I explained to Simon, it is up to you to remove the settings if you do not need them. You also set them (the “garbage”, as you call it) yourself.

Imagine how extensive the logic would have to be to delete xx settings depending on another setting. And what if you actually want to keep one of the settings for whatever reason? This can only lead to an extremely large number of problems.

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It seems less complicated to me than you suggest:

  1. you can use a parser/validator (f.e.: GitHub - csstree/csstree: A tool set for CSS including fast detailed parser, walker, generator and lexer based on W3C specs and browser implementations) and remove what it deems erroneous/unnecessary (garbage!)

  2. non-standard properties that I would like to have nevertheless for some reason I can push in using custom CSS

But ok, I won’t argue, I’m just reporting the problems and as a programmer I can also see potential solutions.