Nintu - Premium bricks builder templates built with TailwindCSS

Hi Bricksters!

I am so close to wrapping up my first big project with bricks and am super excited to share it with the community. In short it’s solution for marketing teams and agencies looking to build with bricks and will be a multi-tier membership site starting at a base tier that unlocks all our our components for anyone to use through to the max tier being a subscription based web design agency where we build out all the clients landing pages, tracking solutions etc.

The site runs pretty much off of 3 base tools, Bricks (obvs :stuck_out_tongue: ), Winden (that brings in the tailwindCSS side of things and SureMembers which handles the membership component of the site. Everything is built using utility classes (tailwind ones) which also allows for some pretty sweet dark mode functionality.

Plan is to make this my fulltime job over the next couple of months as I gradually shift away from freelance work. Would love to hear your feedback on it so far :slight_smile: <3

Website link is: Bricks Builder Templates - Highest Quality Templates for Bricks Builder

And a couple of screenshots of the stuff I recently made :slight_smile:


Oh and I forgot to add, all the images are copyright free, feel free to steal them :stuck_out_tongue: They’re all AI generated through midjourney

Hi there, I really liked the web site, by any chance can you share with me a screenshot of how you did the effect on the single blog with the Thanks

good luck with the sales @nintu :fire: :fire: :fire:

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