New for bricks i need help for first step


I have purchase today the bricks builder.

In this moment i have 2 question:

1 - i create menu with submenu item. I dont see how to set the font color for submenu item. I see only background color for submenu.
2 - i add element image but i cant add image from url, i able to select image from library. it’s possibile add image from URL ?

Tnk for your helps


Hi Alessandro,
Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining Bricks!

The Bricks Academy is always a good starting point for a new user.
But now directly to your questions:

  1. When you’re inside of the menu settings, you’ll see three tabs: Top level menu, submenu and mobile menu. To change the submenu color, open the submenu tab and click on “Typography”. There you’ll find a color picker to set the color.

  2. There is an input field for external URLs within the image element settings:

Best regards,