New Bricks Query compatible with ACF Custom Database Tables

Would it be possible to get the new bricks php query editor to work with ACF Custom Database Tables by hookturn.

I am planning on building a library database with about >20.000 entries and I am a bit weary of the performance hit, when having to many things in post meta

Thanks a lot!


Good idea. Maybe the same with Metabox

Looking into the same thing - out of the box it doesn’t seem like it. Bricks would need to add support or custom queries to allow for the custom table(s) to be able to fetched. Let me know what you find too and will do the same!

Have a look here:



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Wow - this is great! We’ll have to give this a shot once we get around to custom tables for post meta. Thank you for sharing!! :slight_smile: :wink: :metal: