Nav Menu > Text Link... should include terms with "Internal post/page" so that the "external URL" option doesn't need to be used

I’ve been wanting to add in Terms to the Bricks’ Nav Nestable menu, and Text Links I noticed have no way to add a current category/tag Term without choosing “External URL”. Please consider adding in Terms as part of the dropdown with Posts/Pages.


Another example I’ve encountered recently would be for adding an Archive page for a CPT to the menu. It feels strange needing to link to an Archive page using the “External URL” option.

Filed a more formal feature request on the Ideas Board too tonight. Pending approval.

(Will link here when approved.)

Hi Dustin,

We are currently reviewing the idea board submissions.

I am sorry that not really clear about this.

“I noticed have no way to add a current category/tag Term without choosing “External URL””

Do you mean all the available terms in your website should be showing as options once chosen Internal post/page ? Like in our populate content after selected Archive (term) ? Then you will select one of them to “hardcode” it?

Current Term do you mean {term_url} Term archive URL?


Right, that’s what I envision. Alternatively maybe a new option like “Taxonomies” and then the taxonomy values to choose from are all the internal taxonomies including custom ones.

In my use-case as an example, I have a custom post type called trailer and with it a custom taxonomy called trailer-styles. I am trying to add a dropdown menu element called “Trailers” and want to add in the various trailer styles(taxonomy items) in the dropdown, but am finding it difficult to link them all as they require the use of “External URL” type instead even though they’d really be internal links. Right now to link any taxonomy archive or custom post type archive page, it requires the use of External URL from what I can see.

Basically the current method just feels “wrong” somehow and I wanted to highlight this, hoping this can be improved in a future version. :slight_smile:

If I can clarify anything, please let me know. Happy to help however I can.

Hi Dustin,

Thanks for the clarification.
When you use “External URL”, you just copy the full URL of your desired term URL and paste into the URL field am I right?

Yes. Right now I use the External URL and just add a relative URL to the value of it. It’s just not an ideal method in my opinion.