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Mobile rendering not same as builder (Chrome based mobile browsers?)

Bricks Version: 1.3.6
Browser: Chrome based mobile browsers
OS: Android 11

I seem to have an issue with headings breaking formatting on chrome based mobile browsers. Examples in the images below show text wrapping and letters wrapping. Not in the images is headings which are centre aligned but change to left aligned too. Seems to only affect the heading element

Bing Mobile Browser (is the same as in bricks builder) - I know the desktop browser is now based on chromium but not sure if the mobile browser uses the same engine:

Xiaomi browser - same as bing and readers correctly as in bricks builder:

Brave Browser - I am pretty certain it is a reskin of chrome - you can see it add either line breaks / word wrap / letter wrap - This is not how it looks in bricks

Chrome - Same as Brave browser above - not as it looks in the builder.


Firefox is also normal and renders as per the builder.

Kindest Regards