Make changes in Gutenberg, dont see any changes on site


There must be something I don’t understand…
I have a site made with Bricks, and I have “Save Bricks Data As Gutenberg Data” turned on.

I want my client to go to “Pages”, choose the page and just edit text easy.
But when I make changes to the text and save, it does not display on the website.

If I choose “render with Wordpress” it shows the changed text, but then all the styling etc is gone.

What am I missing here? :slight_smile:

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Hi Krisj,

can you provide a short screencast that shows what you’re doing? I think that’s a lot easier to follow :slight_smile:

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I will do that :slight_smile: Thx for your reply!

Sorry, this was made in a hurry… but possibly it can show what I am doing wrong here:

Also: image

Hi, thanks for the quick screencast! Now I get it :slight_smile:

There is a significant limitation in the exchange between Gutenberg and Bricks data. Let me quote the Academy article:

How to load Gutenberg data into Bricks

Bricks allows you to convert your existing Gutenberg data into Bricks data…
This only works for pages without any existing Bricks data.

So if you already have data as Bricks data, it won’t update itself if you change something in Gutenberg because Gutenberg doesn’t know where to add it in your styled Bricks layout. The load data in both directions is meant to speed up the workflow when starting with Bricks or leaving Bricks for another theme to use or keep some (simple) data and don’t have to start from scratch completely.

I can provide you two possibilities:

  1. Allow your client to edit the content in Bricks with limited access
  2. Disallow your client to use Bricks entirely and use custom fields instead. This is my preferred way because you can design and style 100% how you like it without fearing that a client breaks something or uses unwanted styling.

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ahhh, so i was not going crazy then, hehe… thank you, I will experiment with the limited access for my client. Thank you so much for helping me :slight_smile:

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Designing a page for my wife just now. I fear that even the limited access with BricksBuilder will be too complicated for her. So custom fields sounds like the way to go. I’m pretty new to Wordpress and all this custom fields thing. How would I do that?

Concerning the Gutenberg Data… would there be any way to make that work in both directions? That’d be the easiest way that even my not-so-tech-savvy-wife would understand and help her to edit the content of her site online without messing with bricks.

Hi Darian,

In your case, it is easiest to use Gutenberg and then output the content with the Post content element in a Bricks template. Your wife becomes the editor and has nothing to do with Bricks itself but is responsible for making sure her Gutenberg content looks and works appropriately.

Depending on what the content is about, it might make sense to use custom fields because you can output the custom fields as you like inside a Bricks template. This way you don’t have to worry about your wife destroying your layout, since she just enters the data and you specify its layout and structure in the template.

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Thanks, @timmse

do you know of a beginner friendly tutorial for the custom fields way? Guess there is no tutorial for custom fields within Bricksbuilder yet though?

unfortunately I don’t have anything at hand right now, but just have a look at the possible plugins, decide for one and then look for specific tutorials. For ACF, Metabox and co there are plenty in any case. The usage with Bricks is usually (with a few exceptions like repeater fields) very simple: you just select the field via dropdown in an element of your choice :smiley: