Keyboard Shortcuts for Bricks

List of keyboard shortcuts that will improve building speed and experience.

  1. Hide/Open Structure Panel (Right)
  2. Hide/Open Elements Panel (Left)
  3. Shortcuts for Most Used Elements (Container, Text, Heading, Image, Button, Icon etc.)
  4. Quick Save Page
  5. Delete Element
  6. Clone/Duplicate Element
  7. Copy Element Styles
  8. Paste Element Styles
  9. Copy Element
  10. Paste Element
  11. Quick Device Preview
  12. Quick Preview of Page
  13. Open Page in New Tab
  14. Reload Canvas

Hope this helps to make Bricks even more powerful and Faster building experience.

Thank you


@thomas I think having an optional user preference to set keyboard shortcuts is the best UX. E.g., be able to set custom shortcuts to add specific elements (Shift + H > Heading, Shift + D > Div, etc.). Having these as a user-setting would be the most beneficial.

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Yes, like the Adobe Suite products provide.