It's possible to create nested query loops?

As title says I’m curious if we can build a nested query loops in the new 1.3.7 QueryBuilder ?

I have custom taxonomy which are connected with services.

I would like to build custom containers which loop over all taxonomy(categories) and inside every separated container I would like to list all services within it’s category.
So It will look like:

<Container loop={service_categories}>
  <h3>{ category_name }</h3>
    <Container loop={services in service_categories}>

When I’m doing it, the page do not want to load and shows status_code:503

I think it’s kind of bug. And It should be locked to do not create nested query-loops if it cause a 503

Hi Jakub,

that is currently not possible, but will be on one of the next versions. It is totally useful for FAQs, Restaurant Menus, Model series, and many more.

Best regards,

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Any news on this? I am in need of exactly this feature :slight_smile:

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