Issue with Post Terms Separator in 'Meta Data' element

I want to output a comma-separated list of person names with links/anchors. The expected behaviour is described as default in this article: Post Terms Separator.

In my Bricks 1.9.4 there isn’t any separator between the terms and also no gap.

My structure with Meta Box:

  • Container with query loop on CPT ‘events’
    –some related events data
    –div: query loop on MB relationship ‘events’ - ‘person’
    —‘Meta data’ dynamic data: {mb_person_title} {mb_person_name}

Current output: “Dr. Joe DispenzaDr. Dawson Church” (no anchor links)
Expected output: “Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Dawson Church” (with anchor links)

I tried to change the settings ‘Gap’ and ‘Separator’, but that shows no effect. The article on Bickslab shows exactly what I want, (although the article is about how to alter that behavior):

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The same problem :roll_eyes: There are not enough flexible settings for taxonomy terms. I hope they will add it someday…