Import/Export Locked Classes

Hello guys at Bricks Builder,

I have some utility classes that I use for projects, which I export and import into new builds.
However it would be great to keep the Locked state.
I have over 300 locked classes that I want to keep locked. It’s not really an option to go through and lock them all individually with each new build.

Looking at the bricks-css-classes.json file that is generated with the export, it would be an idea to have a line of code that we can set the locked state. For example: “is-locked”: “true” or “false”.

Looking forward to hear back from someone.

Alternatively, is there any user that has come across this dilemma and has found a work around?

Many Thanks

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I agree with this. I am using Bricks Builder to host base theme settings, global classes, a sample style sheet page, and templates that I will use to quickly pull from for client sites. Having the “state” of the classes “locked”/“unlocked” stored in the exported json would be helpful.