How to use 3rd party plugins

Dear Bricks Community,
I would love to use this plugin on the first site that I am trying to build with bricks:

I have no idea how this could work, but please can someone be so kind and point me into the right direction?

Appreciate your time / effort

Hey Alexa,

Have you tried installing it and it does not work or it installs but not sure how to set it up, or something else?

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Hi Michael,
Thanks for your quick reply!
I installed it and it gives me different options where to display the table (after product price, after product summary, after product descpription,…) So I would assume that it makes use of the existing hooks on the woocommerce product page. I guess these hooks are not present in the bricksbuilder product page ? That´s where I am lost.

Heya Alexa,

I understand. I havent really used the woocom elements for Bricks yet so not sure if they have changed the hooks, i would not think so as it would break all 3rd party plugins for woocom. however I am sure someone who has investigated this in more detail and/or @timmse can confirm.

That being said, I did look at the plugin page and it has a smell of abandonment to it. It has not been updated for 9 months nor any comments replied to from the dev to the support questions.

But also some of the questions are “it is not working with Divi and Elementor” either, which if it is working with page builders it would be with these two.

Sorry could not be much help, but hopefully someone may have a better answer or perhaps one for a feature improvement?

Hi Alexa,

sorry, I haven’t had time to look at the plugin yet, let alone test it. But as @Michael already said, it doesn’t look very trustworthy.

  • The last update was a very long time ago
  • Questions (the last one from 5 months ago) in the support forum are not answered

These are not good signs for a plugin. I don’t have a good alternative at hand, unfortunately, as I’m not really a WooCommerce expert either.

Best regards,

Thanks for all the comments. I headed out to find a different plugin. Key for my search was to find something that does not rely on hooks, but that I can manually add to the product page using a shortcode. I found this little tool: Woocommerce Variations to Table - Grid by nitroweb | CodeCanyon

So far it works as expected.
Thanks guys!

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Nice Alexa,
I’m glad! The ratings, comments and feedback from the developer look much better in that case! And for 24$ you can not do something like that yourself :sweat_smile: