How to target inner selector with Bricks Class Styling System

I have a question.
I want to ask, how do I do this in the builder?

I can make it work with the code below if I use CUSTOM CSS.


.mainclass:hover > .innerclass {transform:translateY:-5px;}

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For example, the .mainclass is assigned for a div, then the .innerclass is to target the inner element in it. When I hover over the div, the inner element will move according to the effect I set above.

How do I do in Bricks Builder? What are the steps to take in site builder to achieve this? I have never done this with a site builder before.

I took a sample from a site:

I try not to do it with custom CSS.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you!


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Hi Jornes,

sorry to say that, but this is currently not possible within the builder. But I´m pretty sure this will be added in the near future. The only way to make this possible at the moment is, as you said already, with custom CSS.

Best regards,

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Alright, @timmse

No choice, then. I have to do it with CUSTOM CSS for the time being. I hope that Bricks will add it very soon.

I have just submitted this feature to the ideas board, hope to see it added soon since Bricks now has CSS Class styling system that is wonderful. This feature will make things even better.

Thank you!

I agree 100%, but as far as I know, other page builders have been struggling with this problem for a very long time… because it is not as easy as it seems. Do you know any Page Builder that can handle this?

I think I need to correct myself slightly:

I’m pretty sure we will do everything we can to make this possible in the future (as always) :smiley:

So, thank you so much for your post.
I have just added the topic to our system :white_check_mark:

Thanks @timmse

Sure thing. I know the Bricks team will make this happen no matter how.

I have reported another bug by sending an email to
Please check it out when you guys are available. I send it by email because I provide a temp login link for you guys to investigate.

If you wish, I can create a new topic for the bug I reported here in the forum, too. :smiley:

No need, we’ll look at it as soon as possible.

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Great! Thank you @timmse :relaxed:

Yes. Zion handles this very well. I wonder if Bricks will work on this.


Cwicly Gutenberg blocks also

@Silverlion009 How does Cwicly compares to Bricks?

Cwicly is Gutenberg blocks, if you like Gutenberg it is powerful blocks, but no LTD at this time