How to make the header/footer global to other paths


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The issue i’m facing at the moment is that when i create a header/footer it doesn’t show globally to other paths(custom module) besides wordpress but it does show up globally on the wordpress pages.
When i’m using Astra theme and their header/footer builder it does show in the custom module pages.
The shop that i’m developing has a custom module that is located in the root directory of the server (where the wordpress file etc are) BUT its located outsite wordpress files.

Is there anything i can do so i can show the header/footer in the custom module pages?

Thanks in advance

Hi Zimenz,

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I am afraid it’s difficult to give a correct answer to this without knowing what code is in the files in that carparts directory.

Found and php - What is the correct way to use WordPress functions outside WordPress files? - WordPress Development Stack Exchange via WordPress header outside in other php files - Google Search.

The WP functions for header and footer are: