How to make inline images full-width?

first… this may be a bug, if it is, please feel free to move it.

I encountered this issue where I can’t make inline images full width when the image’s native resolution is not enough to fill up the space. Even after toggling stretch or applying min-width 100%

(btw I’m using Bricks 1.4 beta)

here’s a video highlighting the issue in detail.

if I’m doing something wrong please let me know.

I also was able to implement a solution in my global stylesheet by targeting img tags inside figure.brxe-image, like so:

figure.brxe-image > img {
width: 100%;

but this should be natively in the builder.


Hi Al,
we have tackled the image element again after the beta release and improved it on several points.

You can do without the custom CSS in the next release because if you give the element 100% width, it will definitely take 100% of the width.

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@timmse good to know it’s already on your radar, thanks!