How to Link author name

We, like many other sites, need to provide a link to the author’s page from an article.

I’ve tried by {author_name:link} on {post_date:jS F Y} but :link doesn’t appear to be implemented.

I’ve also tried @timmse’s suggestion, but our author URLs have dashes in them not spaces. eg /author/don-duck not /author/don duck so that fails.

Any other ideas? Would really appreciate it.

Hi @flimflam,

you’re right, it isn’t implemented yet.

There should also be the option to show the display_name (nickname) only.
At the moment, the display_name is shown when First- and Lastname are empty, but that’s not always the case.

So i see two todos for the meta element (@thomas):

  1. Enable :link on author_name (and display_name if first- and lastname are empty)
  2. Add display_name case plus :link option

Best Regards,

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Thanks for adding it to the todos

Hopefully it will be recognized and added :wink: