How to customize individual product pages?

  1. How do I customize individual product pages, like the size of the individual product image and the size and spacing of the recommended product images?
  2. How do I add a login or signup page before someone can access my account page and also after before they can checkout out?
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Hello @Manish

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You can create a single product template (Bricks > Templates; using the “single product” template type). This template will be applied whenever a visitor opens a product page. In the template, you could render the product image using an Image element, where you may control the image size:

What do you mean by “recommended product images” ?

How to force WooCommerce customers to login or register before they buy?

  1. In the WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Accounts & Privacy.
  2. Untick the ’ Allow customers to place orders without an account’ box. This will force users to create an account when they buy from your WooCommerce store.

Thank you for ur good answers
How can i edit woocommerce account page?
Is it possible to choose login/register template before checkout page? And the customers logged im or registered they will be redirected to checkout or current page?

Hello @Mehdimoradi

It is still not possible to edit the WooCommerce Account page using Bricks. Bricks 1.4 introduces the Cart and the Checkout templates, but not the account page. You may use custom CSS to change the styles of the Account page, or, you may override the account page template with your own. Read more about this on

Bricks do not change the regular WooCommerce workflow. If this is possible in WooCommerce, then it will work with Bricks.


Thank you for ur reply
Is there any plan to add my account widget in bricks? And when? :heart_eyes:

Hello @Mehdimoradi,

Yes, the account page will be added in the future but it is not yet planned.

You may keep track of what we are working on at the moment by checking the Bricks public roadmap. Please note we don’t provide release dates.

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May u please add account page in idea board to be voted?