How do you convert your design to bricks?

hello, newbie here!
i love bricks but I am very sorry i do not have a lot of templates.
I would love to design it and then implement it on Bricks, so I use from today Adobe XD.
What do you use to create FAST a website without any templates?

Hello @Guccifer :wave:

The best way for me personally is to use the theme settings as much as possible.

If you’re using XD to design and then move to Bricks for the implementation part, then it should be easy to just re-make all the styles for headings, text, buttons, links etc in the Bricks Theme Settings and then just add the sections and elements one by one and just use the default styles you’ve already configured in your theme settings.

When creating a section after the theme settings are done, I just create the container, set up any sub-containers and then drag-drop all the necessary elements like headings, rich text, buttons etc which should almost be styled as I want them. I then just choose the proper heading level, and button style like primary, and then add the necessary margin, padding and alignment as needed.

Mersi mult Cristian!
Apropo, stii aici ?

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Sigur, am raspuns in thread-ul cu problema ta. Problema se datoreaza pluginului de cache / minificare. Fie il dezactivezi fie ii dai un flush cache si vezi daca se rezolva.


Sure, I answered in the thread with your problem. The problem is due to the caching/minification plugin. Either disable it or give it a cache flush and see if that solves it.