How can i show design on tv full screen or do i reset CSS for brosers to respect dimensions

hi there, thank you for reading this, I have a problem I’m trying to display a design made with bricks builder, with an aspect ratio of 16:9 1920X1080 px to show it on tv as full screen, I’m using Nvidia shield and I installed few browsers to it to test it but the width show ok, but the height does not, so the whole idea is that I want to show the design in full screen but the browsers are not respecting the width and height specified on it can some tell me how I have to do it and the proper way, thank you

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can some one help me out

For troubleshooting, we’re always going to need the URL of the site to know what is happening.

Generally width 100% and height 100vh is what you’d need for ‘full screen’.

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