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Hiding empty posts

guys, if there are no recent posts, how to hide this? i dont want to delete the post element, as ive set this all up as a template, and dont want to be tinkering. it will populate with posts soon, but until there is more than 1?

Hi @Spipov

It’s not possible at the moment, i guess you could do it with some CSS. I have added a feature request for this on the ideas board, make sure to give it a :+1:

Thanks ive upvoted, hadnt seen that before on ideabord sorry

Hi Naazim,

as far as i know you can’t hide the message within the builder settings yet, but you can set the posts element to display: none until there are any posts and switch back, when the first post is published.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

Thank you Stefan. i have actually done that now, all the best. looking forward to all the exciting new features coming soon!