Hide "load more" query loop button


is there a feature / simple way to hide a load more button thats using the query loop interaction feature when there are no more elements to load in the query loop ?


Hey Andre,

this should happen by default. Bricks adds a class of brx-load-more-hidden to the button which hides it as soon as there are no more posts to load.

Are you using ACSS? I noticed that ACSS styles override the Bricks styles in this case. Already informed @digitalgravy about this. Maybe there will be a fix for this in a future version. For now you can add some custom CSS to the button to fix this:

%root%.brx-load-more-hidden {
  display: none



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yeah the client is using acss - thx

Thank you for this. I’ve had this problem for the longest time. Just didn’t realize ACSS was overiding the css style