H1-H6 color bug? Editing typography doesn't change colors as expected

Bricks Version: 1.3.4
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: macOS
URL: https://www.web-jive.com/bricks/ (behind login)

I was working on migrating our site from DIVI to Bricks when I seem to have hit a wall or bug that someone else mentioned in the FB group. I’m attaching the video to show what I’m talking about.

The bug is when I drop in a header or text block then try to set the H1-H6 colors, the color isn’t changing per the attached video. It does work when you set the heading colors in the theme but that will break a site when you have different color headings in containers.


Hi @webjive It ‘looks’ like you have formated the text inside the visual editor which overrides the styling settings tab. Try copying the text in the visual editor and then pasting it back but as plain text. You should find this will work.