Global Components are needed in Bricks!

I don’t see a lot of mentions of Global Components in the forum Feature Requests but this really is a must have feature that would really push Bricks to be a star among Page Builders.

It really should be made a priority.

So what do I mean by a global component?

The Bricks idea board has a good explanation of it:

It basically is a way to manage recurring layouts while still allowing you to override content (like text, images, video, etc. whether it is dynamic or static) or even styling.

Webflow offers components that can do this. See:

They even have a video showing it off:

To make Global Components even better than Webflows version is allowing the ability to lock certain parts of components from being edited. For example a user that is not an admin using an instance of the component in an article could only modify certain content or styling of that instance.

I see the locking feature being using a lot for blog posts. A user who can create posts for a blog would only have access to certain components and only be able to edit the content parts of the component (the other attributes would be locked or maybe even not visible). This would be less confusing for article writers when creating blog posts in Bricks as they would just drag the components in they need and add the text and image content. It would lead to a much more consistent design between articles (especially if you have more than one writer).

Having Global Components would make maintaining the website much easier in Bricks (and make it much easier to scale as well). If the design of the component or even the website is ever updated we just have to update one source of truth and not every single page the “component” is on.


With both hands and feet I support the idea of adding such functionality to Bricks! :sunglasses:

I think this kind of operating logic is best added to the template element in Bricks. In essence, templates are the same as components. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here.

There are also global elements in Bricks. Perhaps dynamic options for them wouldn’t hurt either.


Yup agree, whatever makes sense from a development point of view.

Not sure what they would want to do since there is already something called a Global Element (which is pretty limited in functionality).